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54th Annual Gathering

June 13th - 15th

Canterbury School in Greensboro, NC.

Dreaming…What’s Possible with No Limit!

Attention Clergy, Laity and Institutions of the Southern Conference

!!!!!!! Registration is now open !!!!!!!!

The Southern Conference 54th Annual Gathering will be held June 13-15, 2019; hosted by the Eastern North Carolina Association.

Hotel Information

Must Reserve Rooms by May 12th to Get Discounted Group Rates


We will be offering pre annual gathering trainings which will include boundary training for clergy and trainings for laity. The remainder of the day will be filled with workshops that focus on the rural church, Environmental Justice and technology to name a few. Worship for the evening will take place at 7 pm in a joint service with the Women of the Southern Conference. 


Kick of the day with a prayer walk along with additional learnings. The business of the Conference will be held from 2 pm to 5 pm. In addition, we will be doing a “new thing” by having a Celebration Dinner Show preceded by a relaxing jazz ensemble. 


Saturday will not only begin with a prayer walk but will feature learnings from the voices of our youth. In particular to answer the question we are all asking, what draws youth to our churches? We will wrap up with closing worship and sharing “Dreaming…What’s Possible with No Limit!”

More Annual Gathering News to Come

In the coming weeks leading up to the gathering more detailed information will be put in our e-news and on our website at soc-ucc.org about speakers, workshops and other happenings at the gathering. Be on the lookout at your church for a mailing to that will include other pertinent annual gathering information.

This gathering will be a celebration of what God has done and is doing in the life of the Southern Conference. We are looking forward to seeing every Local Church and related Institutions in attendance.

Lenten Message from Rev.Dr. edward Davis

Southern Conference Minister

The Power of Kindness

“Do justice and love kindness” (Micah 6:8 NRSV)


Love is Kind - (1 Corinthians 13)

There is a great crisis in our society, our communities, and in our world.  It is a crisis that is eroding the moral and ethical fabric of our society. It is a crisis that has impacted us so often that we have become desensitized in expecting it from each other.  I am talking about the crisis of a lack of the expression of kindnesstowards one another that demonstrate our love and respect for humanity.  We are in a crisis of kindness. We see it in all forms of our society whether it is from our politicians who have lost the ability to be kind and civil towards each other or in how we communicate with each other. 

Every day the things that come out of the media seems to move us towards hate and division.  I am a believer that love is stronger than hate and kindness is more powerful than division.

When we are driving, we are so resistant to people getting ahead of us that we speed up just to prevent them from getting ahead of us. In restaurants when we are served there is a hesitancy to say thank you for something as simple as bringing our water.  This lack of kindness is even in the spirit of our churches. When others enter some people will not express a kind spirit.  And, I submit that a welcoming spirit should be a kind spirit. 

I have seen people hurt by words and behaviors of others over the years. I have seen them lose their self-esteem to the point their lives have no meaning. I have seen people, for no reason, mistreat, slander, bear false witness, engage in character assassination, lie, and mistreat others in ways that were not affirming. I am motivated to find ways to inspire us to move to a higher plane and a higher calling in Christ Jesus. And, that is by calling forkindness toward each other during this period of Lent. For this Lenten season, practice the act of showings kindness.  

Some people choose to give up certain behaviors during lent. Othershave chosen to adopt behaviors into their lives during this period. Still others will lose weight, cut back on alcohol, and specific foods, exercise more, and even go to more church services. But I challenge all of us to give what is given to us every day of our lives and that is God’s love and kindness and express this kindness towards others. 

Is it so hard to treat humanity with kindness? Is it too hard to respect those who are oppressed? Isn’t everybody in the sight of God deserving of kindness and compassion?

We are instructed to be kind to the oppressed.  And yet our society passes laws that further contributes to the oppression of others. For love is patient and, love is kind, and our kindness must flow out of our love for God and humanity.  It is, not a challenge or difficulty to be kind, it is a choice. A choice of behavior. Who are we to judge who is deserving of our kindness as though it was resources from our bank account?

Church Women of the Southern Conference (CWSC)

Dear Sisters in Christ,

It is my pleasure and privilege to call all the Church Women of the Southern Conference (CWSC) to come together for our 2019 CWSC Annual Summer Conference.  

We will be gathering on Wednesday, June 12 and Thursday, June 13, 2019 at Peace UCC in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Our lodging will be at the TBD Hotel (s) in Greensboro which you will need to contact directly to make reservations. (Information on hotels and registration will be provided at a later date).  On Thursday evening our closing Worship service will be held at the Canterbury School in Greensboro which will be a joint service with the Southern Conference Annual Meeting being held Thursday, June 13 through Saturday June 15, 2019.   The two events are being coordinated near each other, held back-to-back, and you are invited to attend just the Women’s gathering or both gatherings.

The theme for our Conference will be “We Shall Not Lose the Power of Praise”.  This year’s conference is being hosted by the Eastern N. C. Association Church Women who have planned for some exciting speakers and activities on the agenda.

Let us come and celebrate our time together as United Church of Christ Women, believing in an awesome God that is a still speaking God. It will be nice to get away from the news and busyness of our daily routines and enjoy each other’s fellowship.  As we gather, may our love for each other and our praise of God help us to be encouraged, inspired and bring us closer to God in our faith journey.  

We hope you will invite your friends to join us as we praise God together!  Watch for the release of the registration form and hotel information.  Make plans now and save the date!


Peace and Love,

Betty B. Griffin      

Betty Griffin, CWSC President


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