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We Are Building Collaborative Ministry -- Globally and Locally

Voice of the Conference Minister

by Rev. Edward Davis (D. Min.) A Pastoral Epistle

Blessings! In the life of my ministry I have always expressed a spirit of collaboration and partnership. In my previous settings I formed many of them and I am currently working on

some now. My doctoral dissertation was on collaboration, "Building a Collaborative Community: A Creative Collaborative Leadership Model." We developed our current theme in the Southern Conference "Building a Stronger Southern Conference by working together in Faith, Trust and Love," and, we developed "Widening the Circle of Leadership" which has gotten many people involved in our collective works.

This is why I am excited about two events that will be happening in the Southern Conference this month and in September. As most of you know, we have a long standing partnership with the Church of the Rhineland in Germany. We have, over the years, had a cultural exchange with them. We have sent clergy to Germany for cultural and spiritual immersion, and likewise they have also sent representatives for the same purpose. This weekend the Southern Conference will be hosting a delegation of individuals from Germany. They will be here for multiple dialogues around issues of immigration and migration, climate change, racism and others. They will worship in our congregations and celebrate our partnership.

Leadership in Today’s Church

Visit the land of the sky in beautiful Western NC where inspiration is plentiful, as we explore collaboration as the future of the church

ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- Gather with progressive faith leaders to bear witness to existing collaborative partnerships, engage in conversations and dialogue about the intersection of institutions and movement, and imagine future collaborations for their own context.


This event is organized to highlight collaboration in a variety of contexts. People of faith who seek to forward a more just and generous faith will explore ground- breaking partnerships, the space where movements and institutions intersect, and opportunities to solve critical community issues through the collaboration of faith communities, movements for justice and the government.

Hosted by Land of the Sky United Church of Christ in collaboration with the Southern Conference of the UCC.

Contributors Include: The Rev. John Dorhauer, the Rev. Patrick Duggan, the Rev. Erica Williams, the Rev. Jasmine Beach-Ferrara (Buncombe County Commissioner), Mayor Esther Manheimer (City of Asheville), the Rev. Sharon Ellis Davis, the Rev. John Myers, the Rev. Luke Lingle, the Rev. Milly Morrow, the Rev. Shannon Spence, the Rev. Marcia Mount Shoop, Matt Addis, the Rev. Sara Wilcox and many more.

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