Preparing For & Surviving a PR Crisis

Annual Gathering Workshops


Thurs, Session I mini-workshop

A good public relations (PR) plan is like insurance — you hope you’ll never need it, but you’re happy to have it when you do. In less that 15 minutes, you’ll gather the essentials for a PR plan: what to have ready to go at any time, who should do what, how to engage the media, how to share an appropriate amount of information, and where you can get more help.

Use a SWOT Analysis to Help Envision Your Future

Thurs, Session II mini-workshop

A simple, four-part matrix can help guide your ministry to a more strategic and sustainable future. In less than 15 minutes, you'll learn how to identify your organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats — and analyze your results to begin drafting a vision for your next steps into the future.

Using Social Media to Promote Your Church


A FaithfulResponse to Sexual Violence in the #MeToo Era 

Most visitors find your church through a Google search - so let's make it effective!  Your congregation's online presence can be speak volumes about the church's mission, purpose, and people.  This will be a crash course in using social media to your church's advantage...Facebook livestreaming, search engine optimization (SEO), online event promotion, and more!

Issues of sexual violence against women and children have historically been a taboo subject within the public square as well as the church. Accusations of sexual violence/sexual ad sexual harassment have resulted in negative responses ranging from victim blaming and shaming to accusations that negate the event(s) never occurred.  This has historically contributed to the silencing of victim/survivors, isolation and trauma for the victim with little to no accountability for the perpetrator. Yet, in this“#MeToo” era, we are experiencing women becoming more embolden to speak out and speak up, thus rejecting the silencing, shaming and blaming culture. In this era women are demanding to be heard and that perpetrators be held accountable. The faith community, in this “#MeToo”era, will be challenged and charged more than ever before to provide a faithful response that is ethically, morally, practically, and theologically grounded. This seminar will seek to begin a conversation and the exploration/visioning of what a faithful response to sexual violence/harassment could be.