CREATION JUSTICE NETWORK    The CJN Working Group with Our New Mission Statement   Phill Wilson, Jenny Shultz-Thomas, Gary Smith, Karen Richardson Dunn, Ervin Milton, Kathy Shea, and Rev. Dele.  (Not pictured: Craig Schaub, Kaye Crawford, Cynthia Drew, Steve Halsted)


The CJN Working Group with Our New Mission Statement

Phill Wilson, Jenny Shultz-Thomas, Gary Smith, Karen Richardson Dunn, Ervin Milton, Kathy Shea, and Rev. Dele.  (Not pictured: Craig Schaub, Kaye Crawford, Cynthia Drew, Steve Halsted)


Reverend Karen Richardson Dunn


President of Creation Justice Network 

As we enter into the Advent season, the Creation Justice Network team wishes you joy, peace, and a revival of hope and brotherhood among us all! 

The CJN/SOC Featured in the National UCC's Three Great Loves

(Love of Creation video campaign)

Please take a look at this three-minute video produced by Blessed Tomorrow/EcoAmerica in support of the UCC's Love of Creation campaign -- you'll not only hear a powerful and uplifting message, you'll also see a number of very familiar faces from the CJN/SOC team! 


At Community UCC in Raleigh we recognized that climate change is a major world crisis and has its biggest impact on low income individuals and families because they have few resources to adapt.  As such, we were called in 2007 to create the Justice in a Changing Climate Task Force to decrease climate change and its impact on those with few resources.  In pursuit of these goals, we have educated ourselves, worked with other churches, nonprofit organizations (including 350 Triangle and North Carolina Interfaith Power and Light) and government organizations to speak out for decreased fossil fuel use and conversion to renewables.  Collaborating with several other local churches, we help low income families save money and decrease their fossil fuel use by preparing their homes to be weatherized - cleaning attics and crawl spaces and performing home repairs to enable free professional weatherizations.  We decreased our church’s carbon footprint by increasing church building energy efficiency, and with community funding help, we installed a solar PV system on our church that provides about half of our main building’s electricity.  We enable other churches to solarize by providing advice on fund raising and installation process.  We actively recycle at the church, are investigating becoming nearer zero-waste, and have worked with a local high school to increase their special events recycling efforts.  Youth and adults alike engage in our learning and action, and we know that the Holy Spirit is here because we see and feel her energy and love in all people with whom we work.


Beginning this month, we will be spotlighting one individual and one congregation of the SOC who has and continues to do remarkable work in the care for God's Creation. This month we are spotlighting REV. TOM MANN and COMMUNITY UCC of Raleigh. 

LENTEN WATERSHED DISCIPLESHIP STUDY GUIDE: The CJN's wonderful new intern, Wake Forest Divinity School Student Sarah Ogletree, has developed an excellent Lenten study guide focused on Ched Myer's book, WATERSHED DISCIPLESHIP: REINHABITING BIOREGIONAL FAITH AND PRACTICE, which she is using to lead study at Parkway UCC. Please click below to find the guide.

                                         Watershed Discipleship:   Reinbahiting Bioregional Faith and Practice Discussion   Guide

                                       Watershed Discipleship: Reinbahiting Bioregional Faith and Practice Discussion Guide


CJN Petitions for Coal-Ash Clean Up 

ACTION STEP FOR FEBRUARY: The CJN's first action together was to petition the NC Dept of Environmental Quality to address the issue of coal-ash contamination at Cliffside in Rutherford County. Cleanup of Cliffside is under way, but there is some question as to whether complete excavation of the coal ash pits will take place, and all seepage prevented. DEQ is now taking public comments on the matter, via email -- please add your voice. For more information:

Watch The Introduction to Sustaining Creation Series


Calendar of Events



Wednesday, June 20, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.: Faith Voices for Clean Energy Advocacy Day  
Halifax Mall
300 North Salisbury Street, Raleigh

NC Interfaith Power & Light invites people of faith and community members to join together for Advocating with Compassion Day at the North Carolina General Assembly. Come meet with elected officials to hear their plans for NC’s future and express your support for clean, renewable, and energy efficient policies. Handouts and resources will be offered on Halifax Mall to assist in your meetings. The Rev. Susan Hendershot Guy, National Interfaith Power & Light President will be visiting and speaking on the Mall. This event is free and open to the public. In order to receive a lunch, you must RSVP here by June 15. For more information, contact Susannah Tuttle at or 919-828-6501

Thursday, June 21, 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.: Statewide Clean Energy Action and Justice Day

Halifax Mall/General Assembly

300 North Salisbury Street, Raleigh

Join the newly formed NC Creation Care Network, an interfaith coalition of houses of worship, faith-based organizations, community and business leaders, scientists, and dedicated people of faith, in calling for a shift in North Carolina to 100 renewable energy.  Led by the Rev. Dr. Rodney Sadler of the NAACP, JAMN Network, and Union Theological Seminary in Charlotte, the event will include meetings with our state legislators, walking for Creation, an interfaith worship service, and more.  Please see the attached flyer for a full schedule, or contact Rev. Mac Legerton at

Planning on attending the SOC Annual Gathering?  If so, please stop by on Thursday afternoon (the 21st) and Saturday morning (the 23rd) to hear more about the Creation Justice Network with shared presentations by Rev. Terry Ogawa and Rev. Karen Richardson Dunn -- we'd love to meet you!


Please join us in celebrating with Elon Community UCC on the installation of their new solar panels!  To read about their process in converting to solar -- and to find out more how your own congregation can convert to solar energy -- please see the attached article from David Andes.

ALSO!  We congratulate newly UCC-ordained Sarah Horton-Campbell, the founder of Common Life Church & Farm in southern Alamance County, and member of Pilgrim UCC.  Rev. Horton-Campbell has been awarded a $17,000 Genesis Fund grant from the UCC, which will allow her to hire a farm manager, get the farm up and running, continue her Dinner Church initiative, and do community outreach.  To learn more about Common Life Church & Farm, please visit Pilgrim UCC's website here:


Please consider using paper rather than plastic bags on your next (and the one after!) trip to the store -- or better yet, bring your own cloth bags along with you.  Ask your congregation to pledge to do the same. Doing so will reduce litter and pollution -- especially of our oceans -- and protect plant, animal, and marine life, AND decrease the use of fossil fuels, which are used in their production. This is a simple, effective way to protect God's beloved Creation.

Do you have good news to share in the ministry of Creation Justice?  Please pass it on -- contact Rev. Karen Richardson Dunn at

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