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Looking for a NEW Pastor? Southern Conference with United Church of Christ is here to walk you through this most important process!


A Pilgrimage through transitions and new beginnings

The resource A Pilgrimage Through Transitions and New Beginnings** supports a congregation from an ending to a beginning – from the time of saying "goodbye" to your current pastor, through the season of transition and interim leadership, and finally to the welcome and installation of your new pastoral leader. Pilgrimage is a long-time resource of Parish Life and Leadership (now the MESA Ministry Team); please note that some of its sample resources and referenced websites are outdated. It is expected that both authorized ministers and local churches will work closely with Conferences and Associations while engaged in searching for, calling, and covenanting together for ministry; Conferences and Associations may also provide more current materials for the interim and search-and-call processes.

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SOC Opportunities

Click the link below for the most updated listing of ministry opportunities in the Southern Conference —

UCC Ministry Opportunities

To be considered for an open opportunity, contact the placement coordinator listed to request your Ministerial Profile be send to the church or ministry. The placement coordinator can also provide a copy of the church or ministry’s profile for your review.


The Ministerial Profile

The UCC Ministerial Profile is an authorized minister's denominational credential, presenting an individual's verified standing, criminal background check, disciplinary records, and employment history. The UCC Ministerial Profile is also the document by which an authorized minister reaches local church search committees. While an authorized minister directs his/her profile's circulation, the UCC Ministerial Profile belongs to the United Church of Christ and is administered by Conference offices. Any authorized minister in good standing may request that a Conference circulate his/her profile to any vacancy, and the Conference duly sends it on; authorized ministers are encouraged to consult with Conferences to understand how each Conference circulates profiles.

The Marks of Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministers is a tool for discernment and assessment, created especially for use by Members in Discernment, Committees on Ministry, and authorized ministers. The Marks developed through conversations surrounding the Ministry Issues Pronouncement of General Synod 25, which sought to expand UCC definitions of learnedness and leadership in authorized ministry and to emphasize excellence in ministerial formation.


Clergy Compensation

In 2007, the UCC published Supporting Our Ministry, a resource to aid churches’ understanding of the compensation categories particular to calling pastoral staff — from salary, housing, benefits and professional expenses to job descriptions, working conditions and call agreements. Along with Conference compensation guidelines, Supporting Our Ministry will help your church’s development of an appropriate compensation package. While many factors influence the cash salary a congregation offers, the pastor’s experience remains one of the most important factors. The Southern Conference recommends the following cash salary amounts as a guide; higher salary offers may be made as appropriate.


1–5 years     $40,429.16  /     6–10 years   $47,552.46   /       11+ years      $53,533.23


Discerning a Call to Authorized Ministry

How am I called to be Christ's servant in the service of others? What does the Church need from me in order to proclaim the gospel to all the world and resist the powers of evil? How do I discern a call to ministry in the United Church of Christ? Ask the Question to explore paths of discernment, the requirements for education and formation, the possibilities and settings of ministry, and much more! Use the Discernment Travelogue individually or with a discernment support committee in your local church to develop a variety of practices for listening to God’s direction; the Travelogue is also available in Spanish.

If you believe you are being called to authorized ministry, or are a pastor counseling a member discerning a call, the UCC offers several resources that may be of help —
Discerning a Call to Ministry - A page full of resources and links for those considering ministry

The UCC Manual on Ministry
The online version of the UCC minister’s handbook