A Message of Hope from Rev. Dr. Davis

When a nation faces tragedy, how can it cope? And how do we work through the grief individually when we suddenly and consistently are being tossed to and fro by the constant bombardment of tragedy after tragedy?


In light of the recent shootings in the church in Texas, we have now discovered that our churches are not insulated from the constant threat of violence that is being perpetrated throughout this nation. Last month at two of the annual meetings of the Associations I shared with the gathering that every Sunday across this nation there are shootings within the house of worship that goes unnoticed simply because it does not capture the headlines as those incidents that have numerous casualties. Preachers get shot while in the pulpit, but you just never think it’s going to happen where you are. Church consultants say there are steps churches can take. They can organize security committees and make other suggestions they think will lessen the risk of attack. Most churches are not used to locking their doors. One clergy said recently, “You may have to.”  I am sharing this link below that describes how our churches can be a ready congregation.

We may not prevent all of the senseless violence that takes place in our congregation around the country but we certainly can take steps to be more ready in case these events do happen.

My prayer….. We will rejoice because of the LORD; We will be happy because of the God who delivers us. The sovereign LORD is our source of strength. He gives us the agility of a deer;  He enables us to negotiate the rugged terrains of life.

God Have Mercy On Us!