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Sheryl Carle Fancher


        Presenter/ Coach

Sheryl Carle Fancher has spent over ten years working exclusively training church professionals in a theoretical framework to understand boundary vulnerability.  Her fifteen-year experience working exclusively with denominational leaders in assessment of pastors accused of misconduct along with her training in the work of Mark Laser, Patrick Carnes, Nancy Myers Hopkins  and Marilyn Peterson provide a seasoned knowledge of these issues. 


Professional Boundaries are not just about inappropriate sexual behavior, nor are they always a result of mental illness or malicious intent. Boundaries between pastor and people exist on multiple levels.  The key to reduction of risk is personal awareness and training in healthy relationship connections.

Taking a New Look at the Issues:

The need for training in a broader spectrum of understanding is essential to safe connections between all persons involved in ministry.  Our training program helps both professionals and lay leaders gain understanding of boundary vulnerabilities, personal insight into their own interpersonal behavior potential, basic safeguards for the church through established policy, and means for maintaining personal accountability.