Friends of the Southern Conference

 Fundraising Campaign

Help Us Help Others

As a part of our covenant, whenever one of our churches is in crisis, we go see about them like those affected by Hurricane Matthew and the flooding that took place as a result of Hurricane Irma and Maria. Whenever one of our churches is in search of a new pastor, we assist them. Last year we had twenty churches in search. Today we only have two. We have supported our Creation Justice Ministries. We have led and listened to conversations around immigration and mass incarceration. If our churches are in need of training, we provide it for them. Whenever our churches want us to join in celebrating milestones, we are there. Whenever a retired clergy needs us to visit, we are there. Whenever a “friend of the Southern Conference” calls for us, even just for a listening ear, it is our pleasure to be there. Whatever the situation, you can count on us